Any event that could negatively impact operations is included in the plan, such as supply chain interruption, Data loss or damage to critical infrastructure such as computing /network resource.

A business continuity plan is a plan to continue operations if a place of business (e.g., an office, work site or data center) is affected by adverse physical conditions, such as a storm, fire or crime.

Our experts are always ready to give you professional advise on how the business would recover its operations or move operations to another location. For example, if a fire destroys an office building or data center, the people and business or data center operations would relocate to a recovery site.

The plan could include recovering from different levels of disaster which can be short time, localized disasters, to days long building wide problems, to a permanent loss of a building.

Examples: Office building disasters - a roof leaks in an office building, then move the people to another floor in the same building; the building loses electrical power or is flooded, then have people work from home during the outage; the building burns and is completely destroyed, then relocate the people to a recovery site until a new building is acquired.

Computer center disasters - a server breaks, then recover to a backup server; the electrical power is out, then start an emergency generator, the datacenter is destroyed by a fire, then recover to a computer disaster recovery datacenter.

ComnetLinkServe identifies an organization's exposure to internal and external threats and synthesizes hard and soft assets to provide effective prevention and recovery for the organization, while maintaining competitive advantage and value system integrity.

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