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Comnetlinkserve is a Multi National IT support company based in United-Kingdom. Comnetlinkserve is a well-established Computer Services Company which was established in 2006. We specialize in supporting businesses and schools. 

We support many businesses and schools regardless  the size of the problem or business, we're always there to help. Comnetlinkserve offers a free consultation to its customers where requirements can be discussed and arranged.

We specialize in Nursery Schools and Colleges ICT Support and we are proud of the levels of service we offer to staff and pupils.

When it comes to providing IT support services, we stand out . Since we are able to provide 24hrs/7days professional services daily and can monitor projects through from start to finish and tailor the backup support services your organisations require.

A reactive thinker may battle crisis after crisis, but a proactive one seems to have everything figured out beforehand and can better deal with the curve balls life throws. Often a person seems extraordinarily lucky in life and in business, but this luck can be traced to the foresight and vision that is the hallmark of good proactive thinking. Dont be a reactive thinker. Contact us today  
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With our RMM software we take care of Minor Errors Before They Become Major Ones.One of the characteristics of complex systems is the cascade effect of errors. Small problems can rapidly escalate into major ones. Instead of waiting for an outage that is significant enough to cause unnecessary downtime, Our Remote Management tool automate early warning systems that not only detect emerging problems, but can also take immediate steps to avert further issues and outages and restore normal operations.Operation scripts use the same software mechanisms as the commit scripts, but are triggered by system log events instead of configuration commits. They can also run periodically, checking status indicators, network connections and other health indicators.
When a script detects a potential problem such as high CPU usage it can take a range of actions—from sending notification messages, to checking other status indicators, to making changes without causing any downtime.
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Did you know that having an annual computer maintenance contract can both save your business time and money?                    

Did you know Comnetlinkserve can help you in the transition towards a secure network that is easy to manage and maintain?

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